Participate in the Symposium Instant Gallery

You can become even more involved with the Symposium by participating in our Instant Gallery.  Bring one or pieces to put on display in our special area dedicated for show the work of our attendees.


Here's how......

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Instant Gallery

Our Instant Gallery presents works from turners across the state of Virginia

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Sponsored by the Virginia Woodturners, Inc.
November 3 & 4, 2018

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Instant Gallery

Have fun and include your turnings in the Symposium's Instant Gallery.  This is your chance to show off your work and see what other turners are doing at the same time.

Sell your work as well.  Put a price on your turnings and you may go home with a pocket full of cash.  Best of commission....100% profit!!

Don't want to sell your piece...that's fine...just enter a turning and help make the symposium a success.


Procedures to Participate

  • A participation form will be available at the symposium for each participant to fill out for each item
  • The form will include:
    • Participant's name
    • Item description
    • Type of wood
    • Price (if for sale)
    • Contact phone number

  • Cards, pens and markers will be available if a participant would like to expand on the information about a turning

  • A participant MUST sign-out a turning before removing it from the Instant Gallery.  This is for your protection!

  • Please make every effort to leave a turning in the Instant Gallery until the end of the Symposium

Print a Participation Form and don't wait in line!!

Questions?  Contact Connie Shiera

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