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Welcome to the VWI 2016 Symposium

Learn Woodturning

A symposium not to be missed

Improve your skills

Learn from experts and participate in hands-on mentoring sessions

Formal Presentations & Mentoring Sessions

Presentations from Nationally recognized experts and regional mentors

Instant Gallery

Our Instant Gallery presents works from turners across the state of Virginia

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Sponsored by the Virginia Woodturners, Inc.
November 5 & 6, 2016

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A Note from Richard Landreth - President of  VWI

Welcome to the 2016 Virginia Woodturning Symposium!

    We know you will find this year’s Symposium to be an exciting alternative to Symposiums of previous years. We’ve updated our format from a hands-on format using local demonstrators to one that features an exciting array of international, national, and regionally known demonstrators - Jimmy Clewes, Trent Bosch, Bob Rosand, Frank Penta, John Jordan, Lyle Jamieson, JoHannes Michelsen and Barry Gross. Additionally, we have expanded the Symposium from one hall with 21,600 sq. ft. to two connected halls having a total of 33,600 sq. ft. This will allow more room and reduced noise.

    Plan on spending some time in the New expanded Skills Section. Our volunteers (and maybe even one or two of the demonstrators) will be happy to assist you with that technique that will hopefully improve your woodturning experience. You will be given one-on-one assistance on techniques and methods of your choice.

    Make sure you visit the Vendors located in both halls. Many have special prices just for the Symposium and you can pick up that perfect tool and/or supplies you have been wanting and not have to pay shipping! A great savings that will help you get more for your money.

    No Symposium would be complete without a word of thanks to the 10 Virginia woodturning clubs. Without their participation, this Symposium would not be possible. While the clubs provided the equipment used by the demonstrators, their membership had a hand in making everything work. Primary among these are the 20 volunteer members of the Symposium Board. The Board is made up of two representatives from each Virginia club who come together to plan, organize and execute everything you see here. This process began two years ago and will continue right up until all the surveys from this Symposium are reviewed. Then we start all over again with planning and preparations for the 2018 Virginia Symposium.

    But most of all, many thanks to you for attending. Without your participation there would be no Virginia Symposium. Please take a moment to fill out our survey form before leaving and let us know your thoughts. Taking a few minutes to share your suggestions for improvements will help us evaluate the demonstrations and programs, thereby ensuring continued improvements for future Symposiums.

When you leave the Symposium, we hope you will have expanded your horizons and added to your skill base...and maybe even bought a few things from the vendors! Please share your new knowledge with your fellow turners – volunteer to demonstrate in your club, become a mentor, participate in your club’s community outreach programs, and contribute to your club’s newsletter.

Again many thanks for attending and hope you enjoy


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