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VWI Board Members

Each woodturning club in Virginia provides two (2) members to represent their club within VWI.   The board members represent the interests of their club at VWI meetings and provide feedback of VWI activities and decisions to their club.

Learn Woodturning

A symposium not to be missed

Improve your skills

Learn from experts and participate in hands-on mentoring sessions

Formal Presentations & Mentoring Sessions

Presentations from Nationally recognized experts and regional mentors

Instant Gallery

Our Instant Gallery presents works from turners across the state of Virginia

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Sponsored by the Virginia Woodturners, Inc.
November 3 & 4, 2018

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VWI Board Members

Board Member Chapter Represented Office
Paul Lion  Apple Valley Woodturners
Elvin Rose Apple Valley Woodturners
TBD Blue Ridge Woodturners
Peter Toch Blue Ridge Woodturners
Mark Kaplan Cacoctin Area Turners
Robert Parson Cacoctin Area Turners
Mike McVeigh Capital Area Woodturners Secretary
Steve Schwartz Capital Area Woodturners
Richard Landreth Central VA Woodturners President
Bob Welch Central VA Woodturners
Richard McGann Smith Mountain Lake Woodturners
TBD Smith Mountain Lake Woodturners
Robert DeHart Southside Woodturners Guild
Robert Schasse Southside Woodturners Guild
Ray Kallman Tidewater Turners of Virginia Vice President
Connie Shiera Tidewater Turners of Virginia
Colin Smith Woodturners of Richmond Treasurer
Jerry Fisher Woodturners of Richmond
TBD Woodturners of the Virginias  
Norm Reid Woodturners of the Virginias
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